Plans for a craft ale and wine bar on Ecclesall Road

Ecclesall Road could be welcoming a new bar after plans were submitted to the council to open a “peaceful and sophisticated” craft ale and wine establishment.

The proposal for ‘Coopers’ is for the vacant unit at 944 Ecclesall Road – where Banner Cross News Agent used to be. The design statement, submitted by Andrew Grice, explains: “The business is to be called Coopers, named after the famous manufacturer of barrels which is also the name given to the profession of barrel making. It is felt that this concept lends itself to both successful branding and interior design. The aim is to tie in with the historical meaning of the name, as well as the timber cladding to the front of the unit that has been installed previously.

“Inside will give a feel of history and comfort, instilling a sense of nostalgia to both the historic working practices and the long tradition of small quaint public houses. A local design studio will provide the branding and interior design to ensure a professional finish that both compliments the surrounding street scene and sets the tone for the overall business.

“Aesthetically it is felt that the front of the business will be a welcome addition and improvement to the surrounding street scene.”

Impact on area
The team behind the application for ‘Coopers’ state that despite local policy for the area to have a dominance of retail shops, they believe an exception could be made due to the new business’ support of the local economy, creation of jobs, contribution to the number of customers in the area, promotion of local businesses and increasing diversity in the area.

Proposed closing hours for ‘Coopers’ is 11pm every night due to the proximity of nearby accommodation. No live music will be played on the premises.

Sheffield council is set to make a decision on the proposal soon, keep an eye on Exposed for updates. Image: New Bould Commercial.

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