Pending Coffee Scheme Launches

The Pending Coffee Scheme launched in Sheffield last week and is a new and simple way to really make a difference to those that are most vulnerable in Sheffield. It is part of a humble tradition that began in cafés in Naples and allows for people to buy a coffee on behalf of someone who can’t afford it.

Through participating coffee shops customers can choose to pay for an extra brew or item of food and leave it pending for a homeless person who will receive a token from Archer Project, Sheffield’s local shelter, to claim one later for free. It aims to encourage anonymous acts of kindness as well as allow those in need a place to eat and drink in comfort and safety.

Eight different cafes are currently signed up to the scheme: The Hide, Ink and Water (beginning in December), Golden Harvest, Hagglers Corner, Airy Fairy, Italian Express (Walkley), The Little Shop of Chocs, Mugen Tea House and Strip the Willow. Just look out for the Pending Coffee ‘share – care’ logo to see if your local caff is involved.

The project has already caught the attention of many of the people of Sheffield with 17 pending coffees  bought in the Walkley branch of Italian Express 24 hours before the scheme had even launched. The pending Coffee Scheme is a small and simple way to help the homeless and integrate them back into the local community, so dig deep and let’s help make this inspired project a success.

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