‘New York’ style dive bar brings Cheap Dates to Orchard Square

The lovely folk behind Lucky Fox Diner and Terrace Goods have today announced plans to convert the unit next door to Terrace Goods into Cheap Dates, an all-new city-centre dive bar.

The New York style bar moves into Orchard Square early this summer, taking over the unit that was previously home to MacPot, and promises a a selection of craft beer and cocktails, live music, a pinball machine and a late licence until 2am.

Cheap Dates

The new venture is a collaboration between Lucky Fox and Terrace Goods owner, Richard Ledger, and city-centre cocktail bar Bamboo Door’s owner Dave Pickard. Richard told Exposed: “I’ve always wanted a little dive bar. It’s what Lucky Fox originally was supposed to be, until we realised it was too small, so it’s nice to finally get there and be able to find this cool little space to execute it.

“I’ve been to New York a few times and when I was there all I used to do was hang out in dive bars – That was all I went on holiday to do. While I was there, I’d get ideas for things like comfy chairs, certain types of music and how the staff communicated with customers, so I’ve had these ideas for a while.”

Cheap Dates Clyde the Bear

Clyde the Bear

“We’re going to keep it nice and simple. We’ve got a live music licence inside and outside, and obviously we’ve got a nice big old terrace that gets all the sun. And then into the late night we’ll have 80s tunes, old country music and a bit of rock and roll. Just an unpretentious, nice place to come for a cocktail and a beer.”

The venue is currently taking shape, with local firm Bill Jackson Decorators completing the paintwork in time for classic dive bar touches to be added, which include the above taxidermy bear head, named Clyde!

Cheap Dates

In terms of the beers, there will be a coupla Beavertown lines, a Lagunitas IPA, a rotating stout line and their own house lager, called The Dude, all at prices ‘in keeping with the dive bar mentality in New York’. There won’t be any food on site, but there is the option to grab a slice next door at their big sis venue, or alternatively take a pint from Cheap Dates onto the Terrace.

“We wanted something that complemented Terrace Goods to make this more of a destination terrace”, says Richard, “Somewhere you could spend your whole weekend. I’m feeling awesome about it now and can’t wait to see the place buzzing.”

Cheap Dates

Cheap Dates is coming very soon, so head over to their socials for updates.

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