New rooftop bar to open as part of Heart of the City II

An exciting new rooftop bar, the Alto, is soon to open to the people of Sheffield following the successful purchase of 38 Carver Street.

This year, another office building that had fallen into abandon and disuse has been bought by Staten Young, a group of property management professionals who are dedicated to ensuring a high quality of building maintenance and new office space.

Alto in Nottingham

The bar and office is part of the new scheme that been introduced by the Sheffield city council, Heart of the City II, as a means of regenerating the city centre and increasing its more vibrant qualities. Not to mention take advantage of all the very lucrative business opportunities it offers.

38 Carver Street is just the latest building to be taken up by the regeneration scheme it is set for completion in 2020 and will import many of the same features from its counterpart in Nottingham. Its presence near Charter Street puts it in close proximity to the bars and restaurants of the Devonshire Quarter and so we slowly begin to see Sheffield’s transformation into one of the most desirable development locations in South Yorkshire.

The leader of Sheffield city council, Julie Dore, described the venue as “delivering jobs, opportunities and renewed vibrancy to our brilliant city centre. We have always said that we wanted an innovative and creative heart that combines the best in retail, residential and nightlife”.

Alto in Nottingham

Fellow council member Mahzer Iqbal also weighed in on the new venture, commenting that it was “a property with great potential and this exciting plan will bring something special and unique, boosting both our businesses and social offer”.

Speaking of jobs, the new office plan is set to include a brand new mode of office stylings into the modern workplace. Referred to as ‘Cubo’, this new system assures roomy workspace and a glass fronted building. But, as you gather around the water-cooler you can now play a game of table tennis, or even have a go on a PS4 during your break.

Marc Brough, Staton Young, Rebecca Brough, Staton Young, Andrew Davison, Queensberry Councillor Mazher Iqbal, Sheffield city council

Alto, which already has a popular venue in Nottingham of the same name, will include a roof terrace with magnificent views across the city’s skyline. Set for completion in 2020, the building sits within a rapidly growing business district that is being transformed through the Heart of the City II project. It is just a stone’s throw from the new public realm at Charter Square and the independent bars and restaurants of the Devonshire Quarter.

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