New quality, independent coffee shop pressing the right buttons in Woodseats

Since the closure of Gusto, coffee connoisseurs in Woodseats have been hard pressed to find a decent brew on that stretch of Chesterfield Road, but all that has now changed with the arrival of Chantrey Press.

The independent coffee shop opened its doors yesterday (11 August) in 831 Chesterfield Road, across from The Big Tree pub, and comes from Paul and Lindsay Melbourne, who are also the owners of popular German street food brand Get Wurst.

Woodseats coffee shop Chantrey Press

The husband and wife team and Woodseats residents, have been looking to open a coffee shop for a while and their decision to open one nearby was born out of a frustration at not being able to find another great independent coffee shop in the area.

Ahead of opening, Paul told Exposed: “For years we’ve wanted to open a coffee shop, but the timing hadn’t been right. A couple of years ago we moved up to Woodseats and while Chesterfield Road is so busy, but we noticed, especially during lockdown, that there’s nowhere really to get a decent speciality coffee.

Woodseats coffee shop Chantrey Press

“We begrudgingly went to Costa, but I don’t really like their coffee, so we thought we should just open our own here. That was a couple of years ago, and then we had our second child, so we thought, that would be nice but let’s put it on the back burner.

“We still kept our eye out for properties, and just before Christmas this unit came up. We hadn’t talked about if for months, but we went and had a viewing and just thought it was wicked and decided to go for it.”

Work is now complete and the space that was formerly Cafe Me’n’U, and before a tattoo shop and jewellers, has been transformed into a welcoming coffee hang out.

Woodseats coffee shop Chantrey Press

It houses space for around 20 seats, with a counter serving up London-based roasters’ Allpress coffee, as well as bakes, cakes, and pastries delivered fresh every day, and deli-style sandwiches, which will all be available from 8am -3pm Wednesday to Sunday to begin with, with the intention of moving towards opening seven days a week in the near future.

The Chantrey Press news comes hot on the heels of the launch of the Boston Arms micro pub just down the road and Paul tells us it feels like the right time to be moving into Woodseats as a business: “When we saw they [Boston Arms] were opening, we’d just put in the offer on this place and we thought, this is good, this feels like the right time, because it feels like it should be the start of something in Woodseats.

Woodseats coffee shop Chantrey Press

“It just means more good stuff will be going on in the area and as residents that’s also good news for us. I think it’s going to be great. Lindsay is really excited because this will be her opportunity to get back to work full time after having the kids, and we’re just really excited to get going.

“The place looks great so we thought we’d just open the doors without much fanfare and its been really good. The people who came in were all so excited and had been loking forward to us opening”

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