New photography book shows industrial Sheffield in the early 90s

Sheffield-based photographer Berris Conolly has released his collection of Sheffield photographs with Dewi Lewis publishers.

The book includes over 100 pages of Sheffield industrial landscapes and sites from the city centre between 1988 and 1992, all taken from Conolly’s commissioned project with the Untitled Gallery here in Sheffield.

Born in 1948, Berris’ career in photography has spanned over three decades and has included commercial photography and, mainly, the documentation of urban landscapes. Berris is still based in Sheffield and is actively photographing and exhibiting his work – his most recent project that he is working on is entitled ‘One Mile.’

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Having spent several years living in Hackney documenting the borough with a medium format camera, he then moved to Sheffield at the end of 1988 to work on this commission for the Untitled Gallery. This is when the ‘Sheffield Photography’ collection began to take place. The collection, initially entitled ‘Regeneration’, was an extensive three year project documenting the significant changes that were going on in the city. Conolly decided to focus on the industrial heartland of the Lower Don Valley, which had become a scene of demolition and partially cleared brownfield sites.

The project came to an end in 1991, and was timed to conclude with an exhibition at the World Student Games, which featured Berris’ work alongside the other commissioned photographers. The collection has now been published by Dewi Lewis in hardback format, entitled ‘Sheffield Photographs 1998-1992’.

The book is available to purchase from dewilewis.com.

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