New craft beer bottleshop to open on Ecclesall Road

A new craft beer bottleshop will be opening on Ecclesall Road in 2020 as the husband and wife team behind the horsebox mobile bar The Dizzy Mare bring their expertise to one of Sheffield’s busiest areas.

Craft and Berry will be moving into the unit at 369 Ecclesall Road next door to Dominos and Hardy’s Gunsmiths, replacing Totally Fabulash as they move their business to Abbeydale Road.

“It’s something we’ve talked about right from the start,” Tony tells us. “It is the next logical step after having our own business and our own pop up bar. We’re going to be a bottleshop, for want of a better word. It’ll be a place to pick up local beers and real ale, but we will be having a couple of taps on the counter too for tasters.

“We’re not a micropub, but there will be a couple of tables and chairs if people do want to sit in and try the beer. There’ll be a growler filling station so people can take home 1 or 2 litres and keep it fresh for around 30 days. We’ll have specials on the taps and monthly meet the brewer events.

After a short brainstorm, Tony along with his wife Gail decided to call their new place Craft and Berry. “It just fits. You’ve got the craft for the beer and the berry juniper which is used in gin.”

Craft and Berry is set to open in early 2020, with Tony and Gail looking at a February opening date. 

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