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NBA Clippers Beef continues in LA locker room

Rockets guard Chris Paul’s return to Staples Center and LA’s 113-102 victory over Houston led to the continuation of the chippiness between the Rockets and Clippers.

Among those who tried to continue their beef with Clippers’ forward Blake Griffin and reserve guard Austin Rivers in the Clippers’ locker room were the Rocket’s players Paul James Harden, Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green as reported by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Griffin, Rivers and Ariza were those who were jawing at each other on the court late in the fourth quarter. Griffin and Ariza were ejected out of the game. The drama between the Ariza and Griffin lasted most of the game. In fact, Ariza tried to tear Griffin’s shorts on the drive. Did you know that now you can place your bets on non-Athletic events and stand a chance to  free play games at the best online casinos.

Although tempers were flaring and there was a locker room standoff, Houston Rockets player Eric Gordon stated that the incident with the Clippers was nothing big. The heated battle with the Clippers involved several Rockets players including Gordon. Chris Paul was also included and reportedly tried to fight Clipper’s players in the locker room area and tunnel after the game. Gordon told TMZ Sports that he really played the whole drama thing as no big deal and doesn’t expect any suspension. Gerald Green is one of the Rockets players reportedly involved in the stormy locker room fiasco. He also had dinner with Gordon after the game.

To cool down the locker room incident security and LAPD were called to break things up as several Rockets players allegedly tried to confront Austin Rivers and Blake Griffin.

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