“Music is medicine!” – Vicky McCLure and The Rev on upcoming Day Fever events

Looking to let your hair down without the morning-after regret? How about enjoying the best parts of a night out, only to be back on the couch in time for Match of the Day? What if it was all soundtracked by a party jukebox curated by the likes of the Reverend Jon McClure, Vicky McClure MBE and Jonny Owen?

If this sounds like the ideal social gathering for you, you’re not alone! The initial Day Fever event in Sheffield was a quick sellout in under 48 hours, and due to its overwhelming popularity, it’s making a comeback this month.

We caught up with co-founders Vicky and Jon McClure (no relation!) to hear about the party that has just four key rules: over 30s only, last entry at 4pm, wear your gladrags, and absolutely no dickheads allowed!

The first Sheffield Day Fever event sold out in less than 48 hours. You must be onto something here! Tell us about the inspiration behind the event?
JM: Well, the idea was all our down to our pal and Vicky’s husband, Jonny Owen. He obviously doubles up as an actor, radio presenter, filmmaker and football director. But not content with all of that lot, he was like, “We’ve gotta start a daytime disco together. I’d love to go to summat like that.” It all snowballed from there…

The City Hall Ballroom has some pretty special partying memories for people of a certain vintage. Events like Drop, Brighton Beach and Hotpants were all staple nights out in Sheff. What are your memories of the place and did they partly influence the decision to hold it there?
JM: Aye, I’ve got some great memories in the City Hall Ballroom. We used to go to loads of nights out in there. I fondly remember Milano’s on a Friday night. But then there’s also the history of hosting things like Jive Turkey and the famous Pulp ‘Disco 2000’ video. Steeped in history, isn’t it ?

Going back to event itself, what can people expect tune and vibe-wise?
JM: That’s a pretty straightforward one: people can expect a drink, some nostalgic tunes and a good time. You know what? I think people need that right now, more than ever. Plus, if you can go out at 2pm, then be home by 9pm with a curry and Match of the Day about to start on the box, you’ve pretty much completed life, eh?

You’re not wrong. So, you’ve kicked back on the settee after a day of Day Fevering and you’re scrolling through Uber Eats. The big question: what’s the Rev ordering?
JM: Hmmm. I like a bit of Urban Choola these days, me. I’ll be going there for my birthday. That Chilli Paratha… mate… forget about it!

One of Day Fever’s co-founders Vicky McClure bagged a well-deserved MBE this month (congrats from Exposed) and you’ll be throwing an extra bash in London to celebrate. Is there a plan to go nationwide with this?
VM: Thank you! And yes, we would love to see this go nationwide! For those that love to dance, enjoy some the classic anthems from 70s onwards and be home in time for a takeaway, this is the one!

Finally, with this being the first issue of 2024, could we get a New Year message from yourself to the Exposed readership?
VM: My message is music is medicine! I see this with Our Dementia Choir all the time but it applies to us all, whether it’s to kickstart your day or help you get through tough times. Play your favourite music and let it hit your soul!

Day Fever’s second bash at Sheffield City Hall is now sold out. Head to their socials @dayfeveruk to find out where they’re heading next! 

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