Mowgli Street Food to open on Ecclesall Road

Indian street food restaurant Mowgli is set to open a venue in Sheffield following the success of the eateries in Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. 

Opening in the spring time, Mowgli will move into the unit only just vacated by another Indian street food restaurant The Cat’s Pyjamas. Mowgli said of the news: “Our little Indian home kitchen is growing and we’re excited that Sheffield will become the 8th sibling in our small yet fast-growing family. Mowgli is all about the smash and grab zing of bright, addictive flavour.”

“We have many followers in Sheffield who are calling for the smash and grab of the Mowgli home kitchen,” said founder Nisha Katona. “We are not everyone’s cup of tea, but we go where our consumers and followers want us. Sheffield is the home town of my Aunt and Uncle- Aunty Geeta of the prawn curry! Many of my childhood memories are of eating mint choc chip ice cream adulterated with green Cardamom in their lounge in Kingfield Road around the corner from Ecclesall Road.

The Mowgli chip butty

£I can’t tell you the deep joy and purpose it gives me to be able to go back to cities that I loved as part of my northern childhood landscape and honour them in any small way I can. With a homely eatery, jobs in a joy filled place of work and imperfect as it might be, the food of my home hearth…the Mowgli menu. All that that I can, I give. Sheffield may we serve you well as employers and feed you well, as your humble neighbourhood Indian home kitchen.”

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