Mowgli Street Food to open restaurant in Sheffield

Indian street food restaurant Mowgli is set to open a venue in Sheffield following the success of the eateries in Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. 

Founder of Mowgli Nisha Katona had recently posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page that she was deciding between Ecclesall Road, Kelham Island and The Moor for Mowgli’s first Yorkshire venue.

Oh Sheffield in which direction will you spin Mowgli…. recce day again. For me these decisions are all and entirely…

Posted by Mowgli Street Food on Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Former barrister Nisha Katona launched her first venue on Liverpool’s Bold Street in 2014, with a further five Mowglis opening up in Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford and Nottingham. Speaking to Insider Media, Nisha said: “If you have an idea you can’t let it sleep. I thought if I’m so passionate about these dishes, maybe others will be too. There’s a line in Hamlet that says there’s a tide in the affairs of men and if you take it at the flood it leads to fortune, but if missed you’ll dwell in the shallows of sadness for the rest of your life. There’s a voice in the entrepreneur that tells you this.

The Mowgli chip butty

“I physically built it. I’ve designed every brick of every Mowgli. A year later everything Mowgli earnt I put back in and I built Manchester at the Corn Exchange. A year after that I built Water St in Liverpool. Then I’ve done Birmingham, Oxford, Nottingham. I have Sheffield, Cardiff and Preston in the pipeline.”

The location of Mowgli Sheffield is still under wraps, but back in September Nisha said that if things went to plan, the restaurant could be open by the end of 2018.

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