MONGRELS Make Their Return

This month ‘MONGRELS’ – consisting of (DJ) Benjamin & (MC) Kid Acne – the duo that joined forces when they were hip-hop and graffiti obsessed teenagers, release ‘LOW BUDGET/HIGH CONCEPT, a series of limited edition vinyl’s.

With tracks including CHOKEHOLD, FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE and ABOVE AVERAGE the 6 track EP is a prelude to the forthcoming MONGRELS LP‘ATTACK THE MONOLITH’, which features honorary member, Sebastian Laws (New Kingdom) and guest appearances from Lord Rao (Strange U), Juice Aleem (New Flesh) and Scor-zay-zee. With just 300 copies worldwide the 10″ vinyl with hand-printed sleeves is signed, numbered and embossed by the artists.

With MONGRELS recordings being previously  interrupted by Kid Acne solo LP’s (‘Rap Traffic’ / ‘Council Pop’ / ‘Romance Ain’t Dead’) and Benjamin taking up DJ duties as they toured around the UK and Europe supporting the likes of Flying Lotus, El-P, Atmosphere and Anti Pop Consortium, the duo decided to take a break from music altogether.

However recent discoveries of early demos and half-finished material has finally got them back in the studio, writing and recording where they left off… Although, other factors may have also helped make that all important decision.

“I realised all my favourite MCs were dead and dying; Ramm:Ell:Zee, MCA, Guru – so I figured we’d better get on with it. Life’s too short” – Kid Acne

Watch this space for the upcoming Exposed Magazine review.

‘LOW BUDGET/HIGH CONCEPT’ is  available to stream/purchase NOW.
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