Meerkat Mayhem

The Tropical Butterfly House Wildlife & Falconry Centre is rated number one for ‘Things to Do’ in Sheffield on TripAdvisor, so Exposed’s Kerre Chen went to see what all the fuss was about.

We got the chance to get up close and personal with some of their most popular residents, their lively mob of meerkats. This VIP experience gets you exclusive access inside their cosy enclosure, their inquisitive nature makes them really fun to watch as they surround you and clamber on top of you, you can even treat them to a pot of mealworms!

A member of their experienced and very knowledgeable Animal Keeping team introduced us to the cheeky mob including Pip the baby, Mrs Meerkat and Stumpy who is the daddy of the mob and also the cuddly one of the family, he was very happy to be held and snuggled comfortably in my arms – perfect photo opportunity so definitely bring a camera!

Get a quick tour of their campsite which is also home to two spectacular African Crested Porcupines; Mrs. Milligan and Kerplunk. Don’t forget to wear comfortable and appropriate footwear though because there’s many holes amongst the sand and rocks that the meerkats like to dig up.

The 20 minute Meerkat package costs £34.95 and also includes entry into the park itself so there is plenty of other wildlife sectors you can explore in your own time such as Otter Springs, Giant Tortoises, Lemur Heights, Wilderness Walkthrough and their popular butterfly house. Definitely make time for the scheduled wildlife shows throughout the day to interact with the animals and watch them perform tricks!

The great thing about this place is the fact that the majority of the animals are not restricted to their enclosures, they really could leave the park if they wish to but they don’t because of how well they are treated there.

Don’t miss: Looking Good from February 6th-14th, 10am-5.30pm. Bird of prey and parrot shows, animal encounters, themed crafts, activities and games suitable for all ages. Head to for fast track tickets and more.

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