Meadowhall first UK Shopping Centre to Trial Fitness Technology

Meadowhall will become the UK’s first shopping centre to use revolutionary technology monitoring shopper’s movement and activity as part of the “Move More” initiative which plans to make Sheffield the country’s most active city by 2020.

Hunders of volunteers will receive a wristband which they will scan at sensor boxes as they make their way around. A £100 gift card is on offer to one lucky volunteer to get people trialling the tech, although hopes are that the core ‘move more’ message and the health benefits will encourage shoppers to use the facility.

If successful, the technology could become a permanent fixture.

Darren Pearce, Meadowhall’s Centre Director, will be taking part in the trial and is interested to see how active he is at work.

He said: “Sometimes it can be the simple things like taking the stairs rather than escalators that can make a small but significant difference and, hopefully, this trial will highlight that you don’t have to make huge changes to your lifestyle to see a health benefit.”

Move More is backed by various local business and sport clubs and aims to log more 6.5 million minutes of activity across Sheffield with events taking place every month.

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