Make Yourself At Home: New city-wide campaign off to a flyer

Exposed is fully backing the Make Yourself at Home campaign – a city-wide initiative to safely get Sheffield moving again. 

Launching this summer, Make Yourself at Home is all about promoting pride in our city and sharing stories about the wonderful independent businesses, communities and institutions that make it such a special place to live.

The distinction between this and ‘Open For Business’ campaigns seen elsewhere is the acknowledgement that moving forwards will be especially difficult for some groups and individuals in our communities. Therefore it focuses on bringing them into the conversation, listening, providing reassurance, and truly uniting the city.

Councillor Julie Dore, Leader of Sheffield City Council, said: “We want to create something that the people of the city, whether independent business owners, community centre leaders, cultural creators, entrepreneurs or individual residents, can understand, get behind and use to create a pride of place for Sheffield.”
A homepage has been set up at, where businesses and organisations can download the Make Yourself at Home toolkit, which includes badges to use on artwork, images to share on social media and a guide to how the campaign can be used to suit a wide range of purposes.

Co-Chair of the Covid-19 Business Response Group, and Managing Director of Counter Context, Alexis Krachai, explained further: “This is a really challenging time for many people and many businesses. We are at our strongest when we work together. ‘Make Yourself at Home’ is all about supporting local businesses and communities as life gradually moves forwards – whilst remembering the safety and comfort of home. The more businesses and organisations that say ‘Make Yourself at Home’, the more we can help every business and every community back on their feet.”

Home has come to mean so much more over the last few weeks, and will probably stay that way for a long time to come. Sheffield has missed the friendly conversations that happen between strangers on the streets, but has seen your solidarity and kindness spring up in other ways. Make Yourself at Home want to support our local businesses and communities as life gradually moves forwards – whilst remembering the safety and comfort of home. Whether you want that home feeling whilst ‘out’, or you want to bring the best of ‘out’ back to your sofa.

What the Exposed readership have told us so far…
Emmer Toogood Wortham
Places have adapted so quickly to the new rules! My favourite places I’ve visited since lockdown eased have been Two Thirds Beer Co., their table service and new outdoor area is just fabulous and The Broadfield – still top notch pies, great beer and a buzzing atmosphere inside and out! Just love it – missed pub life a lot during lock down.

@HelpSheffield’s Phil Vintin
The Millowner’s Arms at Kelham Island Museum has been the best and safest feeling experience I’ve had to date.

Sally Taylor
Industry Tap felt super safe and on it – indoor and outdoor space, lots of space and ordering through Round app.

Sandra Boustred
Saw Grinders Union also a well-organised spot and very obliging staff too – lots of outside space to give small groups of singles the chance to meet up.

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