Lord Mayor Magid Magid: “There are no Tories in Sheffield.”

The Lord Mayor of Sheffield Magid Magid appeared on the BBC’s Brexit blind date series, debating austerity with Love Island contestant and former policy adviser for the department of education Zara McDermott. 

Magid, a Green Party politician, discussed austerity, Brexit and the potential of another referendum with Zara, who is a former policy adviser for the government’s department for education.

After Zara said that government cuts weren’t malicious, Magid replied: “People are actually dying as a result of benefit cuts and sanctions. So many issues which have been recorded, right, I think it is completely repulsive.”

Speaking to the BBC after his date, Magid said: “I probably didn’t learn anything new, but it was interesting. There are no Tories in Sheffield, so it was good to get a different view on things. You can get stuck in your own echo chamber sometimes.

“She was understanding – a lovely, sweet person. We agreed that politics should be part of the curriculum. I like that she’s trying to engage young people in politics. And also we both thought that Theresa May is not doing the best job, though for different reasons.”

Afterwards, Zara said: “I was quite surprised. I was expecting a suited and booted minister. When he said he was a mayor, I thought, ‘Gosh, he’s really different’. But that’s good, that he’s bucked the trend.

The worst thing? The anticipation of who it was going to be. I thought it was going to be Jeremy Corbyn. Our personalities got on very well. There are not many people you can open up to politically, but I could with him.”

Read more about Magid and Zara’s date here or check out Exposed’s cover feature with Magid Magid. Image courtesy of the BBC. 

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