Lofty ambitions for Sheffield concept store

The former rehearsal space of Def Leppard, and home of 2Fly, the recording studio owned by Alan Smyth where the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Reverend and the Makers cut their chops, has seen an organic and very independent renaissance over the last couple of years.

A spate of indies now call Stag Works home, with the former cutlery works offering everything from vegan treats at Lovely Rita’s Bakehouse, responsibly made fashions at NYOO, and a new bar and gig space at Zephyr’s, as well as the upcoming opening of a mezcalaria and cocktail bar, Poco.

Sitting above these fantastic Sheffield businesses, on the first floor of the building, there is also a concept clothing store from one of Sheffield’s most respected and recognisable brands.

Loft by Mamnick

Mamnick has been carefully crafting bespoke garments and jewellery, made almost entirely in the UK, for over a decade but, despite having a bricks and mortar store in Tokyo, has never had an outlet selling their products on these shores.

With the opening of LOFT by Mamnick back in September 2023, all that has changed. The idea behind the store is simple; they showcase a range of Mamnick products, which currently includes everything you might need for summer, as well as their much-loved bobble hats, cycling range and Made in Sheffield collection, alongside other carefully curated brands that fill any gaps in their collection, but more importantly, also share in their brand ethos.

As well as the shopping opportunity, there is also an in-house barber and exhibition space, where they have already held six events with a wide range of artists, makers and photographers.

Loft by Mamnick

Speaking about the reasons for opening LOFT by Mamnick, owner Thom Barnett said: “It felt like the right time to reflect on the strength of the brand and express ourselves a bit more. A setting like this, a grade II listed building that used to be a silversmiths, lends itself to the brand really well. A lot of the little mesters that manufacture stuff for us started off in places like this, so we jumped at the opportunity to take this space on.

“It’s basically a space to showcase our products, but the ethos of the brand is, ‘one thing at a time, as beautiful as possible’, so if there are other brands that share that ethos, we want to showcase them in here too.

“What it’s meant for us is that, rather than just answering emails and seeing names on screens, we’re actually getting to meet people in real life, giving us chance to tell the stories of the products.

Loft by Mamnick

Adding: “Since September, it’s just been going form strength to strength. There’s always something going on.”

Thom is also excited to be part of an area of the city that has quietly begun to thrive. He said: “I’ve heard myself say a few times that we need to make this place feel as though it’s the centre of Sheffield. When you look at it, we’re a stone’s throw from the train station, we’ve got what is essentially a Chinatown in New Era square, and then Chaucer’s Yard, Stag Works, Bramall Lane…

“Realistically, there’s just as much buzz going on here independently as there has been in the heart of the city development, and yet we haven’t really had the council doing anything for us. It’s all been people with ideas taking risks, organically.”

Loft by Mamnick

Mamnick’s upcoming ideas and collections, which will soon be available in LOFT, include a new golfing range, called Mamnick Swingers Club, as well as women’s range of their new cycling apparel, and a potential move to make more specifically women’s clothing. Keep an eye on their socials for upcoming events in the space and go pay them a visit down at Stag Works.

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