Limit club electro hitmaker set to go Back To The Roxy

A Sheffield pioneer of the UK’s electro music explosion of the 1980s is set to headline one of the largest events to celebrate the genre ever held in the city.

Paul Unwin – who was DJ at Sheffield’s influential Limit club – championed many local acts that went on to become some of the movement’s most successful. On Saturday 4 May he is set to provide the sounds at the Back To The Roxy extravaganza and headline the event’s Electro 80s room.

West Street’s Limit venue hosted seminal gigs by many local acts that went on to define the movement. Human League, Vice Versa (later to become ABC), Cabaret Voltaire and Clock DVA all performed early gigs at the venue alongside other artists that became mainstays of the genre like Depeche Mode and Soft Cell.

Paul Unwin has been a music manager, record producer and has just written the forward for a forthcoming new book on the Limit. The Back to the Roxy event takes place in the former Roxy nightclub building – which is now the 02 Academy on Arundel Gate. The event’s main room is dedicated to the dance-inspired sounds that thousands would dance to every Friday and Saturday on the Roxy dancefloor. The second room celebrates the Roxy’s Rock Night that used to run on every Monday of the month. DJ Paul Unwin looks after the Electro ‘80s room.

A Back to the Roxy spokesperson said: “We’re looking to make this event as authentic as possible. We want to re-create the feel of a typical Sheffield night out in the late 1980s. Whether you were a fan of the Roxy on a Saturday night, or you were at the Limit or Rebels – there will be music for you.”

Advance tickets are £10 and available from all normal 02 Academy sales outlets including and a number of VIP £20 that provide private bar, priority entrance and more. More info here

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