Let’s Push Things Forward: Heart of the City II

Sheffield city council’s hugely ambitious Heart of the City development is moving up a gear in 2019.

With Charter Square’s brand new HSBC building nearing completion and a number of buildings set for renovation and revitalisation over the coming months, the future cityscape of the centre of Sheffield is starting to take shape.

Let’s break down what’s going up, shall we?

Trafalgar Works
Despite linking Division Street to the Moor, this block (between Rockingham Street and Trafalgar Street) has been a derelict part of the city for some time. The site will be transformed into a new residential community with the possibility of a new tower adding to Sheffield’s skyline.

Rockingham Street Hotel
The second hotel sits between Carver Street and Rockingham Street in one of the most diverse blocks in the development with 8,000 acres of offices, restaurants and retail units throughout.

Food Hall
The proposed new indoor food hall will be the centrepiece of Block H – a cluster of new and contemporary buildings adjoining Carver Street, Cambridge Street
and Wellington Street. The food hall will be taking inspiration from the famous Lisbon markets and buoyed by the success of Kelham Island’s Cutlery Works, which opened late last year. The new buildings are to be designed with the neighbouring Leah’s Yard and its historic façade retained and enhanced to preserve the heritage of the area.

Gotham West, New York

Pinstone Street
From the Moor to the Peace Gardens, Pinstone Street’s transformation will include the renovation of several buildings, with the trademark of each façade to be preserved by urban regeneration specialists Queensberry. The building overlooking the Peace Gardens has been earmarked for a five storey modern hotel beside ground floor retail outlets and residential accommodation on the upper floors, complete with a roof terrace – something the council promises to design with
the latest green technology in mind. While no units have been leased as yet, the desired tenants for this stretch are a mixture of premium brands (Apple, White Company, Hugo Boss) alongside Sheffield-based independents.

Charter Square
Described as the harbinger of the Heart of the City development, the new HSBC office in Charter Square will be the first building completed in 2019. Built over four levels and more than fifteen thousand square metres of space, the surroundings of the building will be spruced up to a high quality similar to that of the Peace Gardens.

Kangaroo Works
Announced this week, more than 340 high quality homes will be built in a development on the corner of Rockingham Street and Wellington Street, close to Devonshire Green. Backed by US investor Angelo Gordon, the development is named after a former tool factory which was part of the site in the early nineteenth century.

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