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Leadmill saved the night with Dominos

Sheff’s legendary venue, Leadmill came to the rescue with a surprise Dominos after a girl couldn’t make it to her pals 21st because they’d had an argument with a guy and felt a bit naff… Sound’s pretty straight forward right?



Clearly distraught – the pair messaged Leadmill on Twitter about their change of plans, as you do and the venue decided to message back ever so casually asking for their address to send them Dominos pizza! How bloody lovely?!

Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof.

These girls have gone pretty viral now stating on Twitter that people have even noticed them because of the tweet! AMAZING!

Speaking to The Tab, Leadmill staff said “We couldn’t let an argument ruin her night, especially her 21st! It was the least we could do. “So, if you’ve had an argument with a guy or girl and you’re feeling pretty ‘meh’ – the answer is always Dominos!”

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