Kelham Island’s Riverside pub pledges to support S6 Foodbank

Kelham Island’s Riverside pub has pledged to raise money for the S6 Foodbank by donating 50p from each of its rotating specials to the S6 charity.

In June, the Riverside’s specials menu will be themed around South American dishes, including homemade choripans (pictured below), which is served in a crusty baguette with chimichurri, salad and chips.

Matt Quinlan, general manager at Riverside Kelham, told Exposed: “The move has been made to help raise the profile of a great cause and encourages other local businesses to follow suit in helping charities and organisations that would benefit from the support.”

Sheffield S6 Foodbank manager, Chris Hardy, was also keen to reiterate the importance of support from local businesses. “Partnerships with local businesses are vital as they’re the beating heart of supporting local people who are in need. The food bank had an increase of 23% this year, feeding nearly 7,000 people, so raising awareness and donations are vital to us.”

Head over to riversidesheffield.co.uk for more information or donate to the cause at facebook.com/s6foodbank.

In association with www.sivtickets.com, the local box office.

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