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Sheffield based tea company Batch Tea Co have been busy crowdfunding their new book and now they want to feature YOUR recipes in it!

Having successfully reached their £7,000 Crowdfunding target they are now preparing to bring the book – a compilation of interesting tea-based recipes and activities for home-cooks, crafters and tea lovers – together.

Marc Riley, the Batch Tea Co director, said: “There are so many things you can do with tea, it’s so versatile. In fact, that’s exactly what this book is about.”

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The recipes and activities will be a combination of ideas of their own, from some leading UK independent businesses and now from you.

Marc added: “We’ve got tons of recipes up our sleeve, and we’re working with loads of great businesses from across the UK to bring together more ideas, but it’s the community who helped make this happen, and it’s the community who will enjoy the book, so we want the community to be a part of the book itself.

“It’s also a little way to say thank you for all the incredible support we’ve had throughout the crowdfunding campaign. Through Meze Publishing the book will be available in major national and international bookstores so your recipe could be read anywhere in the world!”

Batch Tea's Owen and Marc behind the bar

Batch Tea’s Owen and Marc behind the bar

The Batch boys will be offering up to five spaces for recipes from the community. Anyone can enter and the recipe can be anything: from cookery to soap-making, baking to cocktails, a new way to drink tea or even a fun activity you can do with the family.

The only criteria is that the recipe contains tea.

“In the UK we drink a load of tea but we’re very limited in how we think about it – it’s stuff in a tea bag that we pour boiling water on and add milk and sugar”, says Marc, “but across the world people use tea in their daily lives in so many exciting and interesting ways.

Batch Tea's Owen

“For instance, we make our own Earl Grey soap; there are hundreds of boozy tea cocktails out there; it is used as an ingredient in loads of amazing food recipes, and you can even use tea leaves to get rid of the smell of stinky shoes!”

Think you have what it takes to have your idea published? Head over to the Batch Tea website and download the recipe guidelines and send your entries to the Batch boys before midnight on 20 July to be in with a shot.

Full details and entry can be found at

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