Jacket potato or ice cream parlour? Commonside’s public toilets to be transformed

In early 2018, an auction took place for the sale of Commonside’s disused public toilets to the tune of £60,000, which later resulted in plans submitted to Sheffield council to develop the old loos into a restaurant and cafe.

After deliberation with the council and Commonside’s local businesses, the plans for the restaurant were approved shortly before Christmas. A planning statement said: “The use of the premises will be either a dessert shop serving ice cream, waffles, crepes or for the sale of jacket potatoes with a variety of fillings such as cheese, beans and salad. The proposed opening times of the café will be between 1100 hours and 1900 hours.”

A petition, signed by 22 local residents and businesses was submitted by Middletons DIY and the Sandwich Stop, voicing their concern over the potential cafe’s effect on local business. “Rather than bring more business to the area, the proposal will dilute existing business of existing food outlets and exacerbate existing parking problems in the area.”

Another petition, filed by the applicant behind the proposal Hemen Karim, was signed by 59 local residents in support of the plan, citing the fact that something will finally be done to the derelict toilets, the attraction of the cafe to students, promotes jobs in the area and the development of a historic building in the city.

Hemen Karim said of his venture: “I and the local community think this is a great idea. I have taken the time to talk to students and local residents, and people who work within the area, who have greatly supported my ideas.

“The toilets have been closed for a very long time. A new lease of life is desperately needed.”

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