Inside Sheffield’s vintage guitar haven

We spoke to Will Severs, owner of the recently opened modern and vintage guitar haven MVS Guitars.

How did the MVS Guitars first come about? 
I guess it started when I was looking around at the growing number of guitars that I had and started to think about how much of a useful asset they are. Coming from a background in recording bands, and also being in bands using studios, I knew how useful these were for recording sessions. This got me thinking that it would be nice to open it up to other bands and studios who might be interested in what we have.

It’s not to suggest that these are in anyway better than what other people have or use; it’s just a way of offering a different colour. Much like how an engineer likes to have a few choices of EQ or pre amps, we have a choice of guitars. I always think a different guitar can sometimes inspire you to play a part differently or come up with new parts simply because of how it reacts to your playing. This mindset coupled with research into American companies already making a success of this led me to take the plunge!

What services do you offer?
We really only offer one service: renting out high quality vintage and modern guitars for recording sessions. Bands or studios can select what they want and for how long, and we deliver the guitars to the studio. When they’re done, we go back and pick them up. The service is straightforward but sometimes simplicity is key.

We’re driven to provide great customer service so we will always offer up our advice if people want it. If bands or studios want suggestions on guitars for certain sounds or applications then we’re here to help.

What helps MVS stand out?
Firstly, I don’t think anyone is doing what we’re doing in Sheffield. I like to think our collection is pretty cool so hopefully it will get people excited about what we’re doing. We really hope this gets welcomed into the Sheffield music scene because we can see how this can expand to offer up some really interesting ideas. Secondly, there’s our desire to offer a really reliable service. A lot of our guitars have had an easy life; the newer ones haven’t seen much road action and the vintage ones have been well-maintained so you know you’re going to get a reliable guitar for your session. Every engineer will know that when gear starts breaking down, the session can quickly grind to a stop. Hopefully we’re able to help out with that! //

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