Inside OISOI’s new city centre food hall

Over the past few weeks, the team behind the superb Oriental restaurant OISOI (which was recently nominated for an Exposed Award no less) have been quietly building a mini-food hall down on Arundel Street.

Based on the bottom floor of the Gatecrasher apartments, OISOI’s new food market and lounge cafe features a range of products in its downstairs supermarket and a fast-food type cafe which occupies the ground floor, where you can take your pick from artisan pizza, a ‘bibimcup’ or your classic noodles.

Manager Vio tells us the upper floor will be used as a full-on restaurant, due to open next month. Keep an eye on Exposed for the reveal of that one…

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look around…

Ey up…What’s this then?

Downstairs supermarket…

The ground floor deli counter…

Take your pick! Noodle, pizza, fresh veg?

OISOI’s new concept food hall is a work in progress, we’ll have the full skinny next month.

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