Indie Pick: Fools Gold Pizza

Alongside neighbours Macpot, Fools Gold Pizza is the leading the new independent charge down at Orchard Square. After we popped down on a tremendous Friday afternoon supping craft beer and chomping on pizza, we caught up with owner Richard Ledger to get the skinny on the new spot…

How did Fools Gold come about?
We were approached by the people from Orchard Square a couple of years ago who were looking to turn it into a more hospitality-led spot. Luckily the guy is a big fan of Lucky Fox on Division Street (Richard’s other venture), so he got in touch to see if I’d be interested. The concept is great and we’ll be exploring the outside terrace in the summer as well as working with some other brands too.

Talk us through the concept
We really thought about authenticity and we really didn’t want it to be a gimmick. The best places are run by people who genuinely like their own restaurants and Fools Gold is somewhere I’d like to go. I opened Lucky Fox because I went to New York and loved the fried chicken places – they are cool now but no one did that back when we opened that place. This is a similar thing, I love New York pizza and I think Sheffield is missing a proper pizza and cocktail spot.

How’s things been since FG opened?
It’s been great – the main thing has been repeat customers. Seeing the same people come in regularly is really rewarding. The staff are feeling more and more comfortable too. I call it Big Hospitality – if we are really nice to thestaff then they will be great with our customers.

The vegan pizza we tried was fantastic.
Thanks! We got Edd Gillingham (who used to work at Lucky Fox) to help out and the staff have really taken everything on board and in their stride. We just wanted it to be really organic and authentic. As long as the dough is bangin’ you’re onto a winner with pizza!

Fool’s Gold Pizza is open now at Orchard Square. Head over to or

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