Independent Sheffield owner fundraises over £3000 for cancer charity

If you’ve got a keen social media eye for local businesses and food bloggers, you may well have spotted some of Kerre Chen’s content via her Independent Sheffield and Insatiable Foodie accounts.

Kerre has been a popular member of the city’s food and drink scene for a few years now (and even had a stint in the Exposed office working with our sister company Meze Publishing), driven by a passion for promoting the city’s many foodie businesses – a passion no doubt inspired in part by her father, Jin Wang Chen, the owner of the city’s largest Chinese supermarket KH Oriental.

Tragically, her devoted father passed away in January this year, aged 66, less than three months after being diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer.

In honour of Jin Wang and to raise money towards better treatment/earlier diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, which has the lowest survival rate of all cancers, Kerre used her links to the independent community to set up a raffle with up to 75 prizes from local businesses.

Selling cookies to raise money at KH Oriental

Prizes for The Great Independent Sheffield Raffle include everything from live comedy tickets to free meals at local restaurants.

Kerre told Exposed: “I’ve raised over £3000 so far which is way more than what I thought, so I’m chuffed with that! I hope this money gets put into good use for this underfunded cause and helps people get diagnosed earlier/better treatment in future.”

Head to to make a donation and enter yourself! 

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