Iconic Hawley suits raise thousands for Sheffield charities

Sheffield legend Richard Hawley has auctioned off two iconic suits for local charity

Two iconic suits worn by legendary Pitsmoor crooner Richard Hawley on the covers for his hit albums Coles Corner and Lady’s Bridge have helped raise more than £5,000 for St Luke’s Hospice.

The suits were auctioned as part of Music Against Cancer, a series of musical events hosted by the Greystones pub in Sheffield which were raising money for St Luke’s alongside Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity and Cancer Research UK.

Organiser Mike Pidgeon launched the campaign after he himself was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in 2017. The auction saw Richard Hawley himself hand over the suits and signed copies of both albums to the highest bidders.

The winner of the Lady’s Bridge suit was Spanish journalist Joan Losilla, while the Coles Corner suit was bought by Thornbridge Brewery on behalf of the Greystones, who now plan to get the suit framed and displayed in the pub.

Mike said of the auction: “During 2019 I’ve been helped by many friends, many of them musicians, in raising money for cancer support charities through a series of wonderful gigs in the backroom at the Greystones.

“After my own battle with oesophageal cancer, I decided to help raise funds to support those who helped me through this difficult time and continue to help others in a similar position and more than £11,000 has been raised so far this year.

“I was delighted when my good friend and musical legend Richard Hawley donated two wonderful and personal items from his musical past to help increase the overall funds even further.”


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