How to boost restaurant sales with music?

As a restaurateur, you may have a brilliant marketing and sales plan to boost sales in the fledgling restaurant. This strategy may involve creating the right ambience with classy furnishing and decor. It could also involve employing some of the best chefs around to ensure high-quality tasting food is served consistently at your restaurant at all times.

Whatever your plan may be have you ever seriously thought of the type of music you should play in the background at your restaurant as your customer’s wine and dine? Well, if you have not this is a great time too as this article will provide you with three insightful tips on how to use music to boost your restaurant sales.

Tip #1: Boost drink and dessert sales with low-pitched music
By now you might have known when the busiest time of the day is for your restaurant. However, you can still maximise sales for those times when traffic is slow like midday or in the early hours of the evening. You can do this by playing low-pitched music in the background as customers sip their drinks and eat desserts.

Recent research has shown that low-pitched music will keep customers in your restaurant for much longer and in the process, they will consume more drinks as well as the tasty desserts your offering. This might be a good time to ensure that you have an assortment of appealing desserts ready to be served.

Tip #2: Low on drink sales? Well, play high-pitched music
Have you had to play phone games at Spinzwin Casino while listening to high-pitched music? If your answer is yes, then you can testify to the fact that your adrenaline got pumped a notch higher. The same thing happens when customers at your restaurant drink beer. With high-pitched background music, these customers will tend to want to drink more beer as it ultimately will taste better in their mouths as studies have suggested.

This is good for business especially if your alcoholic drink sales are down. However, while you are likely to experience good sales, remember it may be at the detriment of your customers being completely intoxicated. Therefore practice responsible drinking even if your customers don’t, by giving your bartenders the express instruction to quit serving customers with alcohol once the patron shows telltale signs of being drunk.

Tip #3: Turn tables quicker with high-pitched background music
During the busiest time of the day for your restaurant, the last thing you want is potential customers leaving due to the lack of free tables. The truth is you may have customers seated at a table who are not ordering much while there are others outside willing to place large orders but cannot get a free table.

To ensure that you turn your tables quickly, simply play high-pitched music. This way customers already seated would believe that they are spending more time than they actually are and be encouraged to leave on their own accord without being hurried out. This leaves room for new customers to come in and occupy and more importantly a boost in your sales.

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