Homage2Fromage: The award winning cheese club in Sheffield

Whether you’re a slab of Wensleydale, a bit of mozzarella or a humble cheddar kind of person, there’s an award winning cheese club in Sheffield we think you need to know about…

Having started their journey in Leeds, Homage2Fromage’s cheesy empire has since expanded to Manchester, Harrogate and our very own Sheffield. But whilst we often imagine cheese clubs to be pretentious places, Homage2Fromage aim to celebrate this great food in an informal fun way through monthly gatherings – which all of you cheese lovers are invited to.

Each event is themed, with the last meeting paying homage to Irish cheese in preparation of St Paddy’s Day. They follow a simple structure – as soon as you hear the call for ‘cheese’ it’s time to tuck in and help yourself to a portion of each fromage on offer. There is also bread, crackers, chutney and all kinds of accompaniments available to aid you on your journey through cheesy heaven.

Now it may sound crackers but the next event to be held in Sheffield will focus on the shape of cheese – something which Homage2Fromage say is a key part of a cheese’s identity. So they’re going to be serving up an array of cheeses where shape really matters, and for just £15 you can join in on the party.

It looks like Homage2Fromage is the perfect place to discover new cheeses, meet like minded fans and explore the amazing stories behind each piece of fromage. Sounds Brie-illiant!

The next event in Sheffield takes place on Wednesday 18th April at 7pm at Tamper Sellers Wheel.

Tickets can be purchased from the Homage2Fromage website.

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