Gulliver’s Valley planning permission approved

Gulliver’s Theme Parks are looking to open up a new attraction in South Yorkshire, a 250-acre theme park and resort called Gulliver’s Valley. Planning Permission was granted last month by the Rotherham Council and the first phase of the resort is set to open in 2020. This development situated in the Rother Valley will be their biggest theme park yet, and will include some features from their other theme parks in Warrington, Milton Keynes and Matlock Bath.

The theme park will feature rides aimed at children aged 2 – 13 and their families, along with an indoor water play zone, a climbing centre and many other resort attractions including an outdoor learning centre.

There will be many accommodation options on the resort too, including “glamping,” woodland lodges and a Lilliput Castle Hotel.

“Gully’s Dream Village” will also be a part of the development and serve as a community for children with life-threatening illnesses to enjoy cost-free respite. Nature trails, walking paths and outdoor gyms will also be available for people outside of the resort to use too.

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