Glossop Road’s Sinclairs could make way for a 24 hour American-themed diner

Long-standing Sheffield department store Sinclairs could make way for a new 24 hour American-themed restaurant, if plans are approved by the council.

The proposal states that Sinclairs is set to move its business to the main high street in Sheffield city centre “due to shift in retail trends on the high street”. According to plans, ‘So Famus’, a British diner based on the “American diner concept” could move into the space to create a 24 hour, two floor restaurant.

“The ground floor and first floor will be used as a British Diner, themed from the American Diner concept with a very contemporary and modern look. As we know, Glossop Road, West Street has a very high footfall from students and people working in the city centre who are all the target customers. The type of food to be served within the premises is burgers, pastas, healthy food options, hot and cold drinks and desserts.”

The owner of Sinclairs, Cristian Sinclair gave a quote to the Sheffield Star in 2015 warning that his business could close because customers are “intimidated walking down this street when shouting, swearing and all the rest of it is going on”. Sinclairs has been open on Glossop Road since 2006.

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