Former Plug site set for new lease of life as a ‘fully independent’ music venue

The former home of Plug nightclub, which has lain dormant since before the pandemic, is about to be reborn, as popular city-centre record shop Record Junkee have revealed news that they are set to revive their short-lived Network venue, in the Matilda Street space.

The venue, which is opposite the record shop, will become the new home of the nightclub that once formed part of the DINA venue before its move to Fitzalan Square, making way for the Heart of the City II development.

The new space plans to open in October, accommodating 80 – 1500 capacity gigs in the fully independent venue.


Announcing the news on Facebook, founders said: “Record Junkee is delighted to announce the rebirth of its Network venue at its new location, the former Plug venue and nightclub on Matilda Street, Sheffield, located directly opposite Record Junkee.

“We are building a fully independent live music quarter across our two venues.

“We will be operating four rooms as event spaces, live music stages and club nights with capacities ranging from 80 – 1500.”

Prior to its closure, Plug suffered numerous setbacks and gained a reputation for a less than perfect sound system. Network have already revealed plans to rectify this. They said: “Network will offer a fully rigged venue for touring and in house productions, with a freshly installed speaker system and lighting rig in each room.”

More on this in the coming weeks. For updates, head over to Network’s socials.

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