FirePit Rocks: Feeding the vulnerable, live sports and aiming to be open August Bank Holiday

Ever wondered what your favourite city centre dive bar does during a pandemic? They feed the vulnerable and deliver other-worldly burgers and ribs to the hungry people of Sheffield.

FirePit’s been keeping busy during a testing few months. Can you tell up a bit about what you’ve been up to?
Firstly, as soon as the lockdown was announced, due to the safety of staff we closed the venue for deliveries/takeaways. Any food worth salvaging was sent to the Food Shelter in Hillsborough rather than throwing it away. We kept an eye on the spike announced by the government and waited until there was a decline before opening with safety procedures in place for deliveries again, which has been going well. Firepit also got involved with Open Kitchens and pledged to raise £22,000 to proved meals for vulnerable people in Sheffield. We are in this together after all. Each meal costs £1.85, which provides a balanced nutritional meal with both meat and vegetarian options available.

And what about the foodie offerings you’ve brought to the City Grab app? We’ve heard the wings are pretty special…
Ah! We miss our Wing Wednesday like you wouldn’t believe, and it will be back with a bang once we’re able to open safely. But with City Grab it’s our burgers and ribs that are proving a bigger hit! We’ve tried to keep the majority of the menu on the apps where we can, along with adding alcohol to the list as well. You can also place collection orders through our website:

How are things looking moving forward for Firepit? Any plans in motion towards reopening?
Plans are steadily getting under way, but as is the same for most, it all depends on the rules we have to follow. We serve food until 4am, so would the government allow this when we open again as we’re a restaurant also? Obviously, there’ll be some changes with social distancing involved as well. Events-wise, with any luck we’ll get the August Bank Holiday to celebrate, which we’re working with Elevate Promotions on currently, and then we reach Freshers Week. Hopefully everyone follows the rules and society and our industry can go back to normal. If we open before the football season ends, we will be showing all the games live during our opening hours. // @firepitrocks

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