Exposed Awards 2017 – Vote here!

It’s that time of year again! Here’s your chance to shout about your favourite people and places in the Steel City, from club nights to cafes, barbers to brands, and everything in between. The winners really are decided 100% by you – the only way they’ll bag the coveted prize is if you big them up!

To find out more about the Exposed Awards 2017, including how to get tickets to the event, head here.

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Voting has now closed! The top 5 nominations for each category will be announced shortly.

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  1. Elizabeth

    Wax inc , Sheffield is the best beauty Salon, nothing is to much trouble , Friendly & professional sstaff make you feel so comfortable and relaxed , highly recommend

  2. Eric

    The o2 Academy Sheffield is fantastic venue. I went on a night out there and when I got home I found I was completely cured from all illnesses. Should win best Live Venue.

  3. LOZ

    Vanilla has marvellous staff, make you feel at ease as soon as you walk through the door. Listen to what you want, do a professional job and make you look and feel a million dollars what ever age you are.

  4. Percy

    I like the o2 Academy for best live venue. It must be good because I once saw a Golden Eagle nesting on their roof, I asked if I could come in a take a look and they said sure. I spent the whole day watching the eagle and then I saw the Wonder stuff later in the evening. 5 star venue.

  5. Vihaan

    I will be voting for the o2 Academy Sheffield as best live venue. Truly a great place! I have been in search of the lost book of Thoth for 30 years, an ancient book lost for thousands of years and imagine my luck when I found it behind a stool while watching the fabulous Jake Bugg. In my view the best live venue in the city and with my newly acquired book I can now understand the secrets of the gods. top marks!

  6. Rob

    Big up Yellow Arch Studios For Best Live Venue! I worked there when the venue first opened behind the bar and have been to several events since spanning from late night raves, to album releases, to stand up comedy evenings, and open mic sessions… Yellow is fully equipped for any type of live event and has an over specced sound system and desk! Much love!

  7. Max

    My votes for the O2 Accademy, went to use the wash room at a recent gig and while relieving myself I peered into the toilet, imagine my suprise when I noticed the Epsilon V galaxy just floating right on the surface. Pretty awesome.

  8. Zoejl.

    Wax Inc Sheffield, great little place for wax and laser treatments. Lovely, friendly staff too! Would definitely recommend.

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