E-gaming centre could be opening in Sheffield city centre

Plans have been lodged with Sheffield city council to open an ‘e-gaming centre’ as part of a new student accommodation development on Rockingham Street.

The Bailey Fields development, between Broad Lane and Trippet Lane, was completed during 2018 and has more than 500 flats in the building. The vacant unit on the ground floor could be converted into the city’s first e-gaming centre, joining Sheffield’s first e-sports bar Meltdown (set to open early this year) and the National Videogame Museum, which opened in November 2018.

The centre would have up to 50 high-end gaming PC units, a number of game consoles and cold food and soft drinks drink sold on the premises. Gamers would be charged hourly for using the units. The centre will be open to all members of the public.

A planning statement said: “The proposals will be well suited to the student accommodation provided above and in the surrounding area, although the centre will be open to all members of the public to book time in the facility also.”

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