Doughboy set to be sweet new addition to Sheffield city centre

Doughboy, a gourmet cookie takeout company, is opening its doors this Saturday 21 May on Division Street next door to Steam Yard, in Aberdeen Court, and across its opening weekend is offering every customer a free cookie with any purchase.

Doughboy, which is a collaboration between Bullion Chocolate and Steam Yard, specialises in freshly-baked cookies, including its mainstay – a Bullion Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie.

In addition, Doughboy offers a rotating weekly menu of five other cookie flavours. Each inspired by desserts of all kinds; from your favourite chocolate bars, to homestyle bakes and more. They also have a cabinet filled with local hero’s Our Cow Molly Ice Cream for all your scoops and shakes.


Speciality cookies for their opening week include; Dulce Delicious, a white chocolate cookie, spread with salted dulce de leche buttercream and finished with sugar rolled popcorn; Triple Chocolate, all three of the chocolate groups packed into a thick set cookie; Glazed Cinnamon Cookie, a spiced cookie with a honey butter glaze; Vegan Lotus Whip, a chocolate chip cookie with a vegan Lotus buttercream and biscuit; and our Smurf Cookie, a classic vanilla sugar cookie with baby blue buttercream.

Doughboy Cookie Shop is the coming together of Max Scotford of Bullion, Which you may already be familiar with as being the city’s resident chocolate factory, and the guys behind Steam Yard – Nick Pears and Matt Cottril. They’ve been working together on projects for the last five years, and when an opportunity to expand into the space next door to Steam Yards site was on the cards – it was a no brainer.


“We are so excited to bring this concept to Sheffield, and we hope the city love the cookies as much as we do” said Max. “Bullion featuring as the mainstay cookie for me is a highlight, bringing our craft chocolate to a potential younger generation. There’s also the constant rotation of new and exciting flavours, so your visit to the shop will never be the same with always something new to try or share with friends and family.”

At the shop, Doughboys team bake, top and finish the cookies all on site. Once they’re complete, the cookies can be taken away to enjoy at home or gifted to that special someone.

Check them out on socials or online and head down for a free cookie on opening weekend. 

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