Does Your Aftershave Change How People Feel About You?

Applying aftershave is an important part of the morning grooming routine for many men. Not only does it help to refresh your skin and prevent bacterial or fungal infections that may emerge due to unnoticed cuts after shaving, but it also brings other qualities and benefits with it.

A good aftershave will complement your natural masculine scent with a pleasant fragrance, which not only helps to make you smell better throughout the day, but can also improve how people perceive or react to you.

So, the answer is yes, aftershave certainly does change how people feel about you. If you don’t believe it, keep reading to discover the psychological effects applying aftershave can have on the people around you.

Smells Affect Mood and Perception

It’s a known fact that fragrances can have a profound effect on your olfactory system. However, it is not only enjoyment you gain from being around pleasant smells; fragrances, including those in aftershave, can impact your mood and perception as well.

Have you ever come across a well-dressed corporate man who is rocking a subtle musky and leathery scent? The perception of this individual is usually one of power, class, and authority. On the other hand, smelling vanilla perfume in a room simply takes you back to the good ol’ days at home with your mother. This is just one of the instances where fragrance proves to affect both perception and mood.

No More Bad Smells

Many people will tell you that one of the worst things they have to deal with is bad odours, and so a good quality aftershave will help to effectively mask those bad smells. Smelling good ultimately enhances people’s affinity to you – which results in positive interactions.

For example, if you have a sales pitch—particularly if you are selling a luxurious product or experience—people will be more receptive to what you are selling when you wear a good quality aftershave than if you don’t. This is because they will perceive you to be living in luxury.

Another good example is how smelling good affects human relationships. Whether we want to admit it or not, humans still hold significant evolutionary traits. When women are searching for mates, for example, they look for the strongest, most handsome, and most masculine individual as a potential candidate. 

Even the most modernized woman will be attracted to at least a hardworking man. Simple actions such as applying aftershave can create a perception of strength, masculinity, and general attractiveness. You really do not want to go on a date whilst exuding a bad odour – this is the number one mood killer for most dates!

They Notice Your Confidence

Wearing aftershave doesn’t just help you to feel more confident, it also gives people the impression that you are confident. According to scientists at the University of Liverpool, the notion that applying aftershave gives people around you the impression that you are self-assured, is true. It can even change how attractive women find you!

Stimulates Human Pheromones

The concept or fact of human pheromones—however you want to view it—has been a debate for quite some time now. Whilst other people don’t believe in pheromones, others believe that they are what your body releases when you are sexually stimulated or mating.

Many fragrances are known to be associated with feelings or urges of sexual stimulation. For example, chemicals such as androstadienone stimulate parts of the female brain that is responsible for regulating sexual activity.

On the other end, pheromones such as hedione are also known to promote sexual responsiveness by stimulating the release of sex hormones. Both of these chemicals form part of the ingredients list for certain men’s fragrances, colognes, and aftershaves. So, wearing aftershave that actively contains these pheromones is certainly bound to attract the women around you that day.

They Notice Your Natural Scent

Whilst perfumes tend to mask our natural scents with their stronger fragrances, aftershave does the opposite. Aftershave enhances your natural scent, but in a more pleasant way, which is great because our partners and loved ones are actually very much attracted to our natural scents.

However, even though aftershave accentuates your natural scents, for you to really get the most out of this quality you must be sure to pick the right one. Just like perfume, you may not find the perfect fragrance on the first try – it’s all about trial and error until you find one that really complements your body scent. After all, your own body’s smell is affected by multiple factors, including your chemical makeup and your diet. This means, the way a certain aftershave reacts on your friend’s body may not be the way it reacts on yours.

It Makes You Look Younger and Radiant

Yes, you read that right! Aftershave can make you appear younger to people. It’s not only the pleasant fragrance that affects this perception for many people. It’s also the actual effects of applying aftershave to your skin. 

Remember, aftershave is formulated to offer skin relief, fight bacterial and fungal infections, soothe the skin, tone the skin, cleanse the skin, and even moisturize it. Combined, these functions will not only clear up your face, but will also leave it looking clearer, more radiant, and more healthy. This, in turn, makes you appear brighter and younger.

The selection of ingredients that make up your aftershave is also important in determining how it will affect your skin altogether. If you opt for an aftershave that contains ingredients such as vitamin E, jojoba oil, lavender, and even shea butter, you will not only get to enjoy more radiant and brighter looking skin, but it will also feel softer and more moisturized.

Adds an Aura of Class and Sophistication

Generally, many people can distinguish between those who use aftershave and those who do not. Wearing aftershave gives the impression that you are more sophisticated and have a healthy knowledge of style and class. All these qualities make you quite receptive to people, whether you are selling a product, going on a date, or even meeting your girlfriend’s family and friends for the first time.

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