Walk Like an Egyptian at Weston Park

Ever wondered how the pyramids were built or how mummification worked? From Agatha Christie to Indiana Jones, our fascination for Ancient Egypt has been the inspiration for numerous books, films and TV shows. Now visitors to Weston Park can explore their new exhibit, Secret Egypt: Unravelling Truth from Myth, which will open its doors in October. The exhibit will bring forward a wealth of new archaeological evidence to dispel a modern misconception about ancient Egypt. With six parts of the exhibition to visit, including one particularly gruesome section theory behind the mummy’s curse (that’s bandaged mummies rising from the dead!)

The exhibit will also have various ancient artefacts on display such as the mummy and coffin of Namenkhetamun dating from around 600 BC. The exhibition also tells the story of the fall of ancient Egypt, as well as celebrating the legacy it has left in our society some 2000 years later. Lucy Cooper who is the exhibition and display curator at Weston Park is delighted to share this fantastic myth-busting exhibition with visitors to Weston Park. “Ancient Egypt has been the inspiration for some of our best-loved fiction, but we can’t wait to reveal the real story of this remarkable civilisation.”

Secret Egypt: Unravelling Truth from Myth opens at Weston Park on Saturday 17th October 2015 and continues until 10 April 2016 – entry to the exhibition is free.

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