DINA Venue smashes fundraiser target twice after break in

Following a destructive break in a few nights ago, city centre arts venue DINA has smashed its fundraiser target two times over as the Sheffield community rallies together to help the independent venue.

The target of the fundraiser (which you can view and donate to here) was initially £500, but after the target was hit within hours it was raised to £700.

Last night, our front doors were smashed in. Please help us by donating some money to help us fix the damage.https://www.gofundme.com/dinavenue

Posted by DINA Venue on Monday, April 1, 2019

DINA’s Miriam Schechter said: “We have raised the goal to £700 after overwhelming support from the community. In only 11 hours overnight we raised over the £500 we asked for and are eternally grateful! The more we raise, the more we can do to improve the safety and security of the building to make sure it stays open as long as possible.

“We are so happy to see how much the community care about the venue.”

DINA is a DIY, not-for-profit arts space in Sheffield City Centre, run by a core team of extremely hard working people working long hours to put on art, parties, workshops, discussions, theatre, spoken word and lots more for and by local people.

The people who work there do so on a mostly voluntary basis. If you have ever attended or put on an event at DINA you will know that the team always have a lot to do.

DINA has no public or regular funding. It is a completely independent venue in which the only income is through hire, bar and cafe sales.

If you want to donate to fundraiser, please do so by heading over to gofundme.com/dinavenue

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