Pete Mckee

DAYM! Mckee Makes His Return

Sheffield artist Pete Mckee returns with Don’t Adjust Your Mindset, a new mixed media exhibition.

It is compiled of paintings, sculptures, photographs and installations which will take a look at modern British life and how we communicate today.

Digital dependence, climate change, internet fame and police brutality are some of the themes explore, reflecting information the artist was inundated with whilst scrolling through social media during the pandemic.

DAYM will be exhibited in Sheffield 13th-22nd May at Millennium Gallery. 

Artwork by Pete Mckee

McKee in numbers… 

People attended This Class Works over 16 days of its run, Pete’s most recent exhibition in the Steel City.

The first large-scale hometown exhibition opened, Joy of Sheff, a celebration of the city’s history and culture. 

Broad Lane, the address of Fagan’s pub, where you’ll find McKee’s famous mural ‘The Snog’ painted on its side.

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