Cavendish Cancer Care is looking for virtual bucket shakers

For local charity Cavendish Cancer Care, bucket collections at football matches are vital to keep the organisation going.

With all football off for the foreseeable future, Cavendish Cancer Care are instead asking for virtual bucket shakers to spread the word and to help mitigate a huge loss of donations over the next few months.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19, the upcoming bucket collection at Bramall Lane has been cancelled. As a charity, Cavendish Cancer Care is facing an immediate loss of fundraising income due to the virus of around £20,000 in the next few weeks alone. Back in September, the charity managed to raise over £2,600 and are hoping to raise the same agai as this would fund 96 hours of therapy.

CEO, Emma Draper, says “We are all experiencing strange and uncertain times at the moment. Cavendish Cancer Care, are absolutely determined to keep helping families through the effects of a cancer diagnosis. No one should face cancer alone, and it is even more important that we stick together and keep supporting those who need them.”

To help out, all you need to do is follow the below steps.

1. Copy the text and image below

2. Share on social media and tag the charity @CavCancerCare

3. Add a donate button or share the JustGiving Campaign –

Copy the text below:

“I’m virtual bucket collecting for Cavendish Cancer Care. On Saturday the 4th April, Cavendish would have been bucket collecting at Sheffield United’s home game against Tottenham Hotspur. Due to Covid-19, this can’t happen. Please like, share and comment on my post but most importantly, click the donate button. Just £27 funds an hour of therapy for someone who needs us now more than ever.”

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