Captivating new Park Hill VR launched as part of 60th birthday celebrations

A new VR experience has been revealed which allows anyone from around the world to visit Park Hill virtually and experience it’s past and present at the same time.

Called ‘Space, Time and Streets in the Sky’ the virtual visit to Park Hill features real-life stories from people who have made the landmark Sheffield location their home over the past 60 years.

The immersive experience was commissioned by XR Stories and created by the team at Human (the first business to move into Park Hill in 2013) in collaboration with academics from the University of York.

Park Hill VR

Stills from the VR, merging then and now

The research project explores whether it’s possible for an audience to experience the ‘personality’ of a location via the ‘spatial presence’ generated by virtual reality and the audio stories of past and present residents.

Nick Bax, Creative Director, Human says: “Space, Time and Streets in the Sky exudes vivid memories and stories from Park Hill’s residents, providing an intimate insight into life at the Sheffield landmark over the past 60 years.

“As you hear their testimonies, and see slices of history within the current environment, Park Hill is transformed into a time machine in which community and pride brightly shine through.”

Stills from the Park Hill VR

Featured in the VR is Cllr Pat Midgley who lived in the Park Hill area all her life. Pat was commemorated by Urban Splash and Places for People on the official 60th birthday of Park Hill on 16 June by working with Sheffield City Council to rename Norwich Street at Park Hill, Pat Midgely Lane.

Pat Midgley’s family said: “We are incredibly proud mum has been remembered in this way. She lived around Park Hill all her life, born yards away on Shrewsbury Rd and married at Talbot Street Methodist Church.

“She was passionate about the improvements to Park Hill and she would have been so pleased, although completely disbelieving, to know a road is named after her at the heart of the new complex and see the latest phases come to life”

Space, Time and Streets in the Sky can be viewed here:

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