Campaign launched to save Full Monty’s Shiregreen Working Men’s Club

Hundreds of Sheffielders have signed a petition to prevent the demolition of the famous Shiregreen Working Men’s Club, as made famous by the classic film Full Monty.

A planning application was submitted to the council by Rotherham-based Eyre Investments and is proposing to use the land to build accommodation and other housing developments.

The club, which has been closed since 2018, was made famous when it appeared in the 1997 film the Full Monty and subsequently became a tourist destination following the film’s global success. If approved by the council, work to demolish the club could start on 1 March and be completed by 1 June.

Image: Full Monty

Sally Dale, who has launched the petition, said: “The owner is willing to open the lounge as a public BUT for the community to take the large room. Surely the community want to save this iconic 100 year old “Full Monty” club. Help save this club from being demolished and who knows what being built on the site.
Please sign and share this petition, we need as many signatures as possible to take to the council and stop any demolition.”

The petition has more than 800 signatures at the time of writing, with some sharing their memories of the iconic club. Lesie Davidson writes: “I spent many hours in Shiregreen Club, not all of them happy, and not all of them remembered. Apart from it’s cultural significance, which does not need to be mentioned here as it is already noted, it has been a meeting place for friends, neighbours, and family for as long as I’ve known it. This is the the purpose it should be continuing, as a hub for the neighbourhood to socialise in. I am sure that some enterprising groups or individuals can make it a going concern without ripping it down and chucking up a block of flats.”

You can view the petition here

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