Best uses of split ducting

Split ducting is basically a regular twinwall ducting pipe which, as the name suggests, which has been split into two sections – length-ways  which can then be simply wrapped around cables to protect them or just to keep them out of the way, and secured with cable ties. They are very strong and stay that way despite being held only by cable ties.

Split ducting is such a flexible product that it can be used for a good range of different things. Here we look briefly at some of the best uses you can make of split ducting.

Use #1 – Split ducting can be used when wiring both machinery and buildings. It is very durable so you can be sure it won’t wear out easily and need replacing after a frustratingly short time.

Use #2 – Using split ducting while installing cables to make the job so much faster as not having to draw the cables through ducting which is solid saves lots of time, and consequently it is much cheaper too.

Use #3 – Using split ducting to fix up duct work which has been damaged or broken avoids having to cut and re-splice your conductors – a potentially expensive task.

Use #4 – It is often used to protect power and signal cables as it can take a high level of impact without being negatively affected, it is highly visible, and as it can be made into two parts that means rail track work with this ducting is so much easier.

Use #5 – If you need a very solid unit you can use split ducting joints and secure them with things such as tape or some sort of strap.

Use #6 – Split ducting does a fantastic job of protecting both rail signal and utility power cables. This is due to split ducting being highly resistant to impact, and having high visibility so it works in terms of safety.

Use #7 – If you need to add to existing cables without turning off or disrupting the connection you can safely add split ducting.

Use #8 – as there is a vertical split in the ducting across the entire length it is easy to carefully place both halves over a pipe which is damaged and then simply tie it with the clips. Split ducting makes a really good and very reliable repair system.

Use #9 – Split ducting can be used immediately on cables which have already been installed.

Use #10 – You can use split ducting with confidence in areas prone to damage from things like excess water, heat or everyday acids, largely because it is made from polypropylene [HDPE]. As this doesn’t react badly to water, acids, detergents or heat it can stay fully intact in even the most testing of situations.

Use #11 – Heavy duty split ducting is perfect for those situations where cables are installed and moving them is not really practical. Being split makes it easy to add the ducting and secure it to protect them in place.

Now that you know of some of its best uses, get yourself some split ducting from EasyMerchant.

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