Beautiful new bakery and patisserie set to wow Sheffield city-centre with unique treats

An all-new Mediterranean bakery and patisserie is set to open on Church Street later this month and owners promise the gorgeous looking new site will offer Sheffield residents the chance to sample unique savoury and sweet treats, many of which you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the city.

Le Ble’s team will make the majority of its savoury snacks, including everything from the humble sausage roll to speciality Greek feta filled delights, onsite in their purpose built bakery each day, but in order to provide that extra level of authenticity, many of the desserts are being made fresh in Greece, blast frozen and shipped directly to their Sheffield venue, as we’re told the ingredients and water can’t be replicated here in the UK.

Le Ble patisserie and bakery

The name Le Ble is a play on the Greek word for blue, giving a nod to the Mediterranean sea, and the French word for wheat. The menu will incorporate this with elements from across the Mediterranean with everything from French, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese and even Lebanese flavours on offer across a rotating range of over 50 savouries and even more desserts.

For a bit of theatre, the patisserie will even feature an exclusive section on the counter where you can see your own profiterole made in front of you, giving you the chance to make your very own creation by selecting everything from the choux pastry, to a range of cream and ice cream fillings, three choices of hot or cold chocolate, and up to 15 different topping options.

Le Ble patisserie and bakery

Le Ble’s ambitious owners, Apostolos Michailidis and Alex Sotiriadis, are hoping to create a recognised brand across the North of England, with plans already in development to open another site in Leeds.

Apostolos told Exposed: “We see a gap in the market. There’s no proper patisserie chain in the UK currently. The closest that ever existed was Patisserie Valerie. We’re looking at sites anywhere from Birmingham to Newcastle, and we’re not interested in the South yet.

“Everything is going to be the highest end possible. We’re not trying to compete with Gregg’s. It’s a totally different thing. We’re going for great quality and high end, although the prices won’t be high end. We will be very competitive, for example, our lunch deal will start from £5 if you just want, let’s say a sandwich and a coffee, or a savoury and a coffee.

Le Ble patisserie and bakery

“Of course, we’re also going to have a premium range. Some of the products I can’t even describe to you, because there’s nothing like it in the UK. We will try to introduce very unique products and see how it goes. We hope that Sheffield enjoys them, because in terms of flavour, they’re unlike anything you have here.”

The patisserie’s beautiful, bespoke interior has been created to give the vibe of a jewellery shop with a huge blossom tree as the centre piece. The floors are awash with pastel pinks that would have Wes Anderson drooling (and that’s before he saw the cakes!).

Le Ble patisserie and bakery

The rotating menu means that not everything will be available each day, but customers can pre-order anything from the menu online and there will be vegan, gluten free and even halal options across their entire range of products.

Ahead of opening, Apostolos tells us: “It’s like waiting for my first child to be born! I can’t even be excited because we’re all super busy. Maybe ask me in a month!”

Well, we’ll be excited for you then! Head over to their socials for updates on opening times in the coming weeks. They also plan to offer discounts and offers when the launch, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

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