Atkinsons’ war legacy is commemorated in Blitz countdown

A Tommy statue has been educating Sheffield shoppers on the history of the city centre’s last surviving independent department store.

The Moor’s Atkinsons – which originally opened in 1872 – survived both World Wars, but only just. The store was completely flattened in World War Two after it received a direct hit in the Sheffield Blitz of December 1940.

A Tommy silhouette statue presently stands on its first floor as part of the ‘There But Not There’ campaign to commemorate the sacrifices of soldiers. It was installed as part of the Invictus Team UK Trails which have just taken place in the city.

Atkinsons is set to be key point on the Sheffield Blitz Memorial Trail which is to be launched across the city centre on anniversary of the Sheffield Blitz attacks in December.

The store will soon be fitted with an interpretation plaque which will tell its unique story as part of the German attacks that changed the face of the city in December 1940.

Atkinsons will also be selling copies of ‘Countdown To The Sheffield Blitz’ – the brand new book about the attacks. The Sheffield Blitz 75th project is set to officially launch the trail on the anniversary of the attacks on December 12 in Atkinsons.

David Cartwright, Atkinsons store manager, said: “We were only too glad to have a Tommy installed. Our own history has been tragically touched by the events of both world wars. It is essential that we commemorate and remember those that lost their lives.”

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