Artist Spotlight: Julian Green

Local artist Julian Green is opening his debut exhibition this weekend at his new gallery space, Julian Green Gallery, on 812 Ecclesall Road.  

 Born in Sheffield, Julian moved to Bristol to study Drawing and Print at the University of the West of England. After receiving a first-class degree, he went on to complete a Masters in Fine Art at the Bath School of Art. Since university, he has been working full-time as an artist preparing work for exhibition which opens this weekend.

The nomadic gallery will be moving to other disused and unused spaces, incorporating the work of emerging local artists. The primary function of the gallery is to encourage meeting places for the public to discuss current issues described within the work exhibited. “The main benefit to this form of gallery is fluidity,” says Julian. “It allows for engagement with different communities and localities, whilst being more sustainable through using spaces which may not be otherwise used.

The focus of this work is “Growing up in Sheffield”; the selected artworks are semi-biographical and centred around an exploration of both personal and cultural identity through investigating the places and objects that inform experiences. By decoding a sense of place, Julian maps influences on the development of identity, utilising drawing and photographic media.

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This amalgamated approach to production stands in opposition to the tradition of drawing, corrupting the practice, being redefined as a cross-disciplinary or hybrid approach, mobilising the mechanics of translation to inform concepts of authenticity, memory, contrast and reproduction. Creating the conditions for conversation about regional identity, social and historical constructs, the real and the document.

The gallery is open from 11am-4pm on 27 & 28 April. 

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