American-themed dive bar to open on West Street

One of West Street’s most recognisable restaurants is doubling down on its commitment to establish the best American-inspired gastronomic pleasures in Sheffield.

A popular haunt for many hungry city centre denizens, the FirePit has been well-established since opening in May of last year. However, after more than a year of loyal service to authentic American taste, and tweaking this experience to perfection, FirePit Rocks is now going all in with a bold and appealing shift in emphasis.

Manager Tom Lord told Exposed: “Picture your stereotypical American dive bar with baseball on the TV, rock ‘n’ roll on the jukebox, and buckets of beer on the table. That’s our vibe, your friendly neighbourhood dive bar.”

The casual drop-in bar/restaurant will be complimented by live American sports, re-runs of classic football, hockey matches and TV. There will also be the addition of an in-house classic games console to keep you entertained.

Tom is committed to bringing his experience and passion for American food and drinks to the freshly idealised Firepit, and bets his bottom dollar that they will offer the “best wings in Sheffield” come 13 July.

If you’re fixin’ to get a flavour of the beers, cocktails and foods to be served from your friendly, US-inspired dive-bar, have a look on the website or get yourself down to the opening day on 13 July. 

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