A new e-bike scheme could be on its way to Sheffield

South Yorkshire’s active travel commissioner Dame Sarah Storey will be looking into bringing an electric bike hire scheme to Sheffield.

Sarah was appointed to the role earlier this week and has set out plans to bring an e-bike scheme back to the city, replacing the void left by bike sharing company ofo.

Speaking to the Sheffield Star, Sarah said: “Sheffield as everyone knows is really hilly so we’ll be looking to bring in a bike hire scheme – that might be a e-bike scheme and we’ll be looking at other opportunities introduce people to e-bikes.

ofo bikes were pulled out of the city at the end of the summer

“Someone even suggested to me there should be a ski-lift style mechanism that you put up hills but obviously we’ll be looking at the best way for people to get around those hills and just embrace the fact people have this beautiful hilly city and trying to get people about. It’s about enabling people – we won’t be telling people what to do. We want to provide them with an alternative which is more attractive to what we have at the moment.”

Dame Sarah was officially revealed as the new commissioner at Sheffield Hallam University on Monday (1 April), taking on a role which will involve championing active travel. “I’m proud and excited to be the first active travel commissioner for the Sheffield City Region. I believe active travel is a less stressful way of moving about, and helps to create the foundation of a happier workforce and a happier population.”

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