5 reasons why Henderson’s Relish is reyt good

Whilst Sheffielders are immensely proud of our heritage when it comes to industry, music, sport and art, there’s something else that we hold very dear – so dear, in fact, that it’s quite rare to find it outside of these seven hills.

And it’s a condiment. A relish to be precise.

During your time here you might hear it referred to as ‘Henderson’s’, ‘Hendo’s’, ‘Hendies’, or just plain old ‘Relish’; but however you come across this famous old sauce, know that your Sheffield experience isn’t complete until you’ve given it a go.

Here are five solid reasons why you should seek out your first bottle pronto…

It’s a Sheffield institution
Henderson’s has been made here since the 1880s and today you’re likely to find a bottle in most Sheffield households. There have been poems written about the sauce, art inspired by it, tattoos inked on skin, and even a tribute song!

You can add it to almost anything
Pretty much anything that you fancy giving a spicy, savoury kick: chips, chicken, chilli, beef, beans, stir fries, soup, pies, mushy peas – there’s not much it doesn’t improve. Some people even sprinkle it into crisp packets!

Because Sean Bean says so…
There’s a whole legion of celebrity fans out there, and the Bean is a particularly big advocate. When he was filming Sharpe in India he’d get ensure to get stocked up on bottles before he went over. Other famous Hendo’s-lovers include Toddla T, Richard Hawley, KT Tunstall, Marco Pierre White and many, many more.

It unites the city
All divisions and prior loyalties (Blades or Owls for example) are forgotten about when it comes to love for Henderson’s Relish up here. If you’ve arrived from another city, what better way to settle in than by trying out the local cuisine?

It’s vegan-friendly
Not to mention gluten-free and approved by the Vegetarian Society. Everyone fill yer boots!


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